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Helpful FAQs

What should be considered when choosing a contractor?

Eau Claire Roofing Inc.'s team of professional roofing experts understands that picking a contractor is always a hard decision to make. Below are recommendations when looking for a contractor.

  • Company that is well established and will be around in the future.
  • Crew is employed by the contractor.
  • Is well liked in the community.
  • Has a readily accessible phone number.
  • Answered all your questions and is technically competent.
  • Business licenses are current.
  • Holds both workman's compensation and general liability insurance.
  • Provides a signed and detailed estimate.
  • Make sure the right permits are obtained
  • Check to see if the contractor has any association or professional references.
  • Provides high quality products.

Eau Claire Roofing Inc. offers the best contractor, the best products, and the best value so you can sit back, relax and enjoy your new roof!

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Common Roofing Questions

When does your roof need repair or replacing?

Eau Claire Roofing Inc.'s staff understands repairing or replacing a roof can be costly and time consuming. So we try to be as helpful as possible during the roofing experience. Below are a few indicators that your roof needs repair or replacing:

  • Leaking in the interior of your business or home
  • Watermarks on the ceilings
  • Damage to the wood, steel, or concrete structure under your roofing system
What are the causes of roof damage?

Our years of experience have allowed us to see many types of roofing issues. A roof can be damaged in many ways but the most common ways include:

  • Aging of the roof
  • Water damage
  • Seasonal Weather Changes

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FAQ About Metro Stone-Coated Steel Roofing

Will a Metro steel roof rust?

A Metro steel roof comes with a 50-year limited warranty because its substrate contains layers of metallic and polymer coatings to protect it from corrosion. Coated with an aluminum-zinc alloy called “galvalume,” a Metro steel roof features both an inert barrier coating of aluminum and a protective layer of zinc. Over the last 20 years, industry studies have proven that galvalume outperforms any other coated metals.

Will the color fade?

Since the color comes from actual stone granules bonded to the roof, the color will not fade over time.

Does it take very long to install a steel roof?

The shape and size of a roof determine the time required. Most roofs can be installed in just a few days.

Is a steel roof fire resistant?

Yes, a new steel roof is classified as a noncombustible roofing material (Class A).

Does a steel roof make a home hot?

No. A properly vented steel roof may reduce your energy bills. Vents circulate air by allowing heat to escape through the ridgeline as cooler air is pulled through the eave vents.

Is a steel roof noisy?

No. By combining dead air space with a stone coating, the composition of a Metro steel roof provides an effective sound barrier.

Is a steel roof wind resistant?

Yes, a Metro steel roof can withstand wind speeds of more than 120 mph.

Will hail damage a steel roof

Some insurance companies offer a lower premium to customers with a Metro steel roof because Metro panels have received the highest impact resistance rating from Underwriters Laboratories.

Is lightning more likely to strike a steel roof?

No, it's the height that matters more than the material in most lightning strikes, and Metro roofs are no more likely to be struck by lightning than a roof made from any other materials. Lightning rods should be installed on any roof that is the highest feature in its location.

Is a steel roof heavier than other types of roofs?

No, a Metro steel roof is actually lighter than a roof made with standard 3-tab asphalt shingles, wood shakes, laminated asphalt shingles and clay or concrete tiles.

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FAQ About Duro-Last for Low-Sloped or Flat Roofs

What kinds of buildings use Duro-Last roofing?

Factories, schools, churches, government offices and businesses of all kinds appreciate the durability, energy-efficiency, and superior fit of Duro-Last, backed by one of the best warranties in the industry.

How durable is Duro-Last roofing?

Duro-Last is extremely durable because it resists fire, chemicals, grease, high winds and punctures, and it tolerates extreme temperature variations.

How is a Duro-Last roof made?

Duro-Last will prefabricate your roof to your exact specifications at our factory, eliminating the number of seams needed by up to 85%. With fewer seams and a precise fit, Duro-Last offers long-lasting, leak-proof coverage.

Will installation interfere with our business's daily operations?

Not at all! Installation is so quiet and safe that occupants barely even know a new roof is being installed. Plus, we don't need any hazardous materials, noxious fumes, hot tar or loud equipment for application. Because Duro-Last can often be applied over an existing roof, installation does not generate the dust and debris that come from a tear-off. That means no work interruptions and nothing to damage sensitive equipment in your facility.

Is there a warranty?

Absolutely! Duro-Last stands by its work, offering either a 15-year full warranty or a 20-year prorated warranty. Providing maximum protection, both of these warranties are transferable and include coverage for consequential damages that result from defects in the Duro-Last material or installation.

Will Duro-Last help me reduce my energy bills?

Definitely! A leader in cool roofing solutions, Duro-Last developed the Cool Zone® brand to help clients nationwide improve energy efficiency. The Cool Zone® system is a white, single ply product proven to retain a reflectivity of more than 85% after three years of weathering, keeping your building cooler in the summer. To reduce heat loss in the winter, insulation can be applied under the Duro-Last membrane during installation.

When can a Duro-Last roofing system be installed?

Because Duro-Last accommodates temperature extremes, we can install your new roof in almost any weather all year long.

Will Duro-Last work over an existing metal roof?

Yes. If your maintenance crew is wasting too much time mending leaks in your old metal roof, Duro-Shield® is the perfect durable solution for retrofitting your existing roof. Requiring very little or no maintenance, a Duro-Shield thermoplastic single-ply roofing system can be applied right over your current roof, and it includes all of the customized stacks, flashings, perimeter details and accessories needed to complete the job.

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FAQ about Shingled or Shake Roofs

How do I know if I need new shingles?

Although leaks are the most obvious sign of roofing failure, the following problems indicate that you may need new shingles soon: ceiling spots, algae growth, damaged flashing, missing granules, missing shingles or areas that are buckling, blistering, rotting or curling. Call Eau Claire Roofing today at 715-552-7362 to schedule an evaluation of your roof.

Do I need a new shake roof?

If your shakes show any of the following signs of damage, you might need a new roof: ceiling spots, damaged flashing, missing shakes, moss/algae growth, termite damage, splitting, curling or rotting. Call Eau Claire Roofing today at 715-552-7362 to schedule an evaluation of your roof.

Will a new roof improve my home's appearance?

Yes. If you look at your house, you'll notice that your roof makes up almost half of your home's exterior surface. For this reason, the color and style of your roofing material contribute greatly to the appearance of your home.

How can I pick shingle colors to complement my home?

If you look carefully at a shingle, you'll see that it contains a blend of granule colors. For example, a shingle that seems gray from a distance may contain granules of gray, green, brown or black. If you select individual granules to coordinate with your siding, trim, brick or other features, your home will appear coordinated and attractive. Complementary colors can be used to highlight exterior features, while darker colors provide contrast, and lighter colors make a home seem larger.

Will different styles of shingles affect the appearance of my home?

Three tab shingles work well if you prefer a consistent, smooth look to your roof, while dimensional shingles add more interest and texture by giving your roof a three-dimensional appearance.

What components are required for a shingled roof?

To enhance the durability of your roof, Eau Claire Roofing installs ventilation products in the rafters, soffits and ridgeline to keep air flowing and to prevent the accumulation of damaging moisture. Additional leak-proof protection comes from a layer of water resistant underlayment beneath the shingles. Then we apply shingles to the slope, and we install hip and ridge shingles to keep your place snug and dry.

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